AverNotes are short topics relating to testing or the use of Avermetrics products.

AverNotes: The Whys and Wherefores of Ethernet

All the Avermetrics product lines, AverLAB and AverLine, use Wired Ethernet to connect to your host computer. We’re the only company in the audio test and measurement market to do this–everyone else uses USB. Why didn’t we? You might guess it was to be...

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AverNotes: Are You Over Testing?

A production test that doesn’t raise your confidence in the manufactured good or its manufacturing process is a waste of time and money. Despite that, few people rigorously analyze their production tests to eliminate wasteful tests. I have found that most people are reticent...

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AverNotes: What Should You Be Testing?

What is the primary goal of your testing? This simple question is not asked enough. I have tested a lot of products but unless I know the goal of one’s testing effort, I can’t recommend what tests should be run. The best advice I...

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