The Avermetrics 9084 Analog Switch

8 x 4 Analog Switch

The Avermetrics 9084 Analog Switch maximizes flexibility in the implementation of high channel count test systems by directing eight channels of analog audio between four ports. It can be used for input or output signals with balanced and unbalanced signals. Expressly designed to be compatible with Avermetrics AverLine rack systems. Can also be controlled by 3rd party test systems. The 9084 is available directly from Avermetrics.



  • 8-channel by 4-way switching
  • Cascade up to four units
    • Includes interconnects for power and control
  • Standard TASCAM format DB25 connections
  • Uses 3.3 volt logic control

Key Specifications

  • Rated to 1 billion cycles
  • 110 dB (min) channel to channel isolation
  • Relays rated to 0.5 amps & 30 volts
  • Requires 12 volt, 300 mA supply (per switcher)
  • 1.75″ x 19.0″ x 5.125″

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