About Us

Avermetrics is a manufacturer of test & measurement equipment targeted at benchtop and factory production line electronic test solutions. Our innovative and modular solutions can scale to more than 250 simultaneous and independent analog channels and over 1000 digital channels while still providing test times you are accustomed to for 2-channel operation. We support both Mac and PC control via Ethernet connectivity and a wide range of process and test fixture connectivity.

Our goal is to provide scalable test solutions that emphasize speed, flexibility, simplicity, and right-sized solutions to real-world testing.

Our Name

Avermetrics is the combination of two words: Aver and metrics


To state or affirm positively


The science of measurement

Our Team

Paul Messick

Chief Executive Officer

Paul has more than 40 years of engineering experience in scientific instrumentation, radar and RF design, analog and audio design, and microprocessor based solutions. He started Avermetrics in 2011 to find a better way to test electronic products, both day-to-day on the bench and in high-volume factory production. Most recently he was VP of Engineering for M-Audio, and Director of Hardware Engineering at Avid Technology.

Whether managing engineering teams or directly designing products, he has been involved with many dozens of products and systems, including such diverse products as high-performance audio mastering interfaces, measurement systems used in scientific research, and subminiature radio transceivers. In his spare time he is an awful guitar player, and with enough practice hopes to become merely terrible.

Jonathan Novick

VP of Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Novick is a 14 year veteran in the field of audio testing and is a frequent lecturer on a variety of audio test related topics. Prior to Avermetrics, Jonathan was Director of Sales for Audio Precision. He is also a past governor and vice president of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and has also served as chairman of its largest section. Jonathan is also active within the Consumer Technology Association; chairing a standards workgroup for automotive audio and participating in others workgroups specialized on home audio and non-prescription hearing aids. Jonathan holds a BSEE degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and spent the first decades of his career involved in the design and simulation of RF and microwave circuitry. In his spare time Jonathan provides live sound and DJ services for local charities in his hometown of Camarillo.

Charlie Boehm

Hardware Engineering

Charlie graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2002 with a BS in Engineering. Since then he has worked in the Pro-audio and MI markets as a skilled analog designer for such companies as M-Audio, Aphex, and Manley Labs, getting a patent and winning a TEC award in the process. Now he is responsible for the mixed-signal designs that are at the heart of the Avermetrics hardware systems.

A new father, he still enjoys swapping engines and rewiring cars, skiing, and mountain biking whenever he’s able.