Highly scalable solutions for audio and electronic test

A Different Kind of Test Equipment Manufacturer

Avermetrics is a team of highly skilled engineers with diverse experiences including professional and consumer audio, test & measurement and RF technology. The company was founded in 2010 by Paul Messick, a serial entrepreneur and former VP of Engineering for M-Audio and Avid.

Innovation is at the cornerstone of everything Avermetrics does. We continually ask how things can be done simpler, how can things be made more flexible without making them more complex.  We don’t hesitate to question the status quo. This approach leads to fresh solutions that make your testing easier.

As engineers, we like to solve problems; especially those that are sitting right in front of us. We don’t like complex user interfaces. We don’t like limitations. Nor do we like paying high prices. We believe our customers feel the same way.

How We Differ

  • The market leader in price-performance
  • No annual support fees or pricey software options
  • Mac or PC operation
  • Designed for large scale production
  • Ethernet connectivity
Test the way your product works…

….not the way your analyzer works

  • Test any/all inputs and outputs together
  • Test digital & analog IO simultaneously
  • Control 100’s of external devices as needed

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Avermetrics is a different kind of test & measurement company.

Products designed with scalability, flexibility and operational simplicity.