AverLAB Manuals

User Manuals and other documentation have been moved to their own page. Look in the AverLAB Manuals section for specifications and full documentation on how to setup and use your AverLAB hardware and Software.

General FAQ

Where is my software?
Where do your products ship from?
Why aren't AverLine products available on Amazon?
Can I use AverLAB software without the hardware?
I hate/love/want a feature or have an idea for an improvement. Are you interested?

Networking FAQ

What is IP Address/Subnet Mask/Gateway?
What is DHCP/AutoIP/Multicast DNS?
What is a MAC Address?
What is a Device Name and why should I change it?

AverLAB Troubleshooting

I've changed settings and now the software can't find AverLAB/AverLine. Help!
I don't have an Ethernet port on my computer. Will AverLAB still work?
Why does AverLAB want to update the firmware when it starts?
The program tries to update the firmware every time it starts. What's wrong?
Why is AverLAB missing feature X, Y, or Z?