AverNotes are short topics relating to testing or the use of Avermetrics products.

AverNotes: Are You Over Testing?

A production test that doesn’t raise your confidence in the manufactured good or its manufacturing process is a waste of time and money. Despite that, few people rigorously analyze their production tests to eliminate wasteful tests. I have found that most people are reticent...

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AverNotes: What Should You Be Testing?

What is the primary goal of your testing? This simple question is not asked enough. I have tested a lot of products but unless I know the goal of one’s testing effort, I can’t recommend what tests should be run. The best advice I...

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AverNotes: False Cost Savings

Frugal businesses prefer to repurpose old lab equipment rather than trashing it. This is why old lab equipment often ends up on the production floor. This looks good on the balance sheet until one realizes there can be considerable hidden costs. Lab equipment is...

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